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Question & Answers
Question: Why Should I choose an epoxy floor coating?

Answer: Even the best concrete floors will begin to break down and deteriorate over time. This can cause cracks, divots, to appear in your concrete floor. With a Shield Concrete Coating System your concrete will be sealed and Protected from the elements that can cause damage to your concrete while giving you an easy to clean and beautiful floor.

Question: There are Crack and Divots on or my floor will this affect the Epoxy Coating?

Answer:The most important part of the installation Process is the preparation of the surface. Since defects, dust and other foreign, matter may compromise the integrity of your new epoxy flooring all efforts are taken to repair these defects while preventing dust and other debris during the process, by using modern, high quality diamond grinding equipment combined with best efforts from our highly trained team, we are able to keep dust to a minimum during the installation process.

Question: Will My New epoxy flooring be slippery ?

Answer: Depending on your specific flooring choice your floors may have a slightly textured surface or a smooth glass like surface In most cases your new epoxy flooring system will be no more slippery than the tile inside your home when wet, If concerned about how slippery your new epoxy floor will be, there are slip resistant additives that can be added to the top coat that will help with this issue.

Question: How do I clean My New Epoxy Flooring?

Answer: You can give your new glossy floor a light cleaning with a broom,dust mop or even a leaf blower. For a deeper clean, you'll want to mop with warm water avoid Soap Mixtures as these can leave a film which can cause your floor to become slippery if not remove completely.




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